Ground Illuminating Rub Rails


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Ground-Illuminating Aluminum Rub Rail

Eliminate the tedious task of manufacturing rails with these pre-manufactured Aluminum Rub Rails, featuring a recessed design to protect optional DOT reflective tape or marker lights. Optional waterproof lights attach to the rail’s rear side, directing ground lighting to the operator’s feet. Billet aluminum end caps are standard with a recessed fascia to protect optional LED marker lamps and reflective tape from damage. Each rail comes fully assembled to your specification and ready to install. Can also be ordered as one-off aluminum rub rail replacements by departments.

Each rail comes fully assembled and ready to install with optional lighting, conspicuity tape, marker lights and includes a limited lifetime warranty.

  • Allows easy installation
  • Will allow for Night Axe LED ground lighting to be integrated directly onto the rail, allowing the light to be moved from under the chassis to the operator’s feet where it belongs
  • Allows side clearance marker lamps and conspicuity tape to be mounted directly onto the face and be protected against bumps and abrasions
  • Provides attractive, durable protection for side-body and roll-up door requirements
  • Limited lifetime warranty

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